How I Converted An Idle Office Space Into a Co-Working Space On a Shoestring Budget And How You Can Do It Too

Co-working spaces in the recent past have taken the world by storm. The rise of the internet spawned a new era where the terms “Digital Nomad”, “Freelancer” and “Remote Worker” became cool and co-working spaces were the next logical thing to happen to cater to the needs of these millennials. But then another big thing happened, startups and enterprises seeing the advantages that co-working spaces provide, such as flexible terms and the ability to scale up without upfront investment, embraced the idea of co-working. Specifically in India, the high population density and lack of available premium office space make it even more attractive to startups. From a freelancer’s perspective, reliable internet is a big issue when working from home or a café since most broadband connections are unreliable. Enterprise level internet provided at co-working spaces is a big incentive.

My Story

I’m an Industrial Engineer and I used to work in the Silicon Valley in the US. Inspired by the startup culture in the Bay Area, I planned to return home and work on something of my own. I wasn’t sure what I would work on, but I knew that I wanted to do something of my own. My first attempt on starting up was building a social media app that’s a platform for account sharing (such as Netflix, Spotify, etc.). My team would work out of a small corner in an office space that was used as a warehouse for my family business. Three months later when the app wasn’t working out, a realization struck me, why not use the office space as a co-working space? Co-working space providers such as WeWork and CoWrks had their space around the region and the area was quickly becoming a hub. My idea was to use it as a tech focused co-working space and build a community around it. Hiring talented individuals was my biggest challenge and my idea was that the community I can build around this space would help me connect with like minded individuals.

The Process

Layout And Initial Estimation

After clearing out all the stored material and repainting, the space looked something like this
This is how the space looks now

Things To Keep In Mind When Starting a Co-Working Space

Co-working spaces live and die with the community that you build

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